About Us

About Us

KIIDSGEAR is a constantly changing collection of children's clothes and accessories designed and handcrafted by myself right here in the United States. My line is creative, colorful, full of humor, and extremely amusing. It encourages play and creativity in young kids and lets their imagination run wild.

I was born in Brooklyn and have lived in Jersey City since the age of four. Over two years ago I started at Montclair State University where I study International Business.

Gifted KIIDSGEAR for my high school graduation, I am learning my way around the business world. I am currently a full time student in my junior year in college and am aiming to earn my master's within the next 2 years.

My focus with KIIDSGEAR is simple: All made in this country, from beginning to end.

Therefore, whenever possible our materials are purchased in the USA. The entire brand is always made in our production facility in Jersey City. Our helper bees are paid fair wages and we offer a comfortable, friendly, positive working environment. Our team is made up of local seamstresses, high school, and college kids. Our workspace is private, safe, and exactly how you would want it for yourself and your kids.

Thank you for your support.